Welsh Celtic Harvest Loaf

This bread has been adapted from a Scottish bread called Struan which means 'the convergence of streams' It is very popular in Scotland and we thought that Wales should have something available to buy too. It has taken a lot of research and work to get the recipe right.. Our recipe is unique to our bakery. We have had some lovely comments about it from our customers. It takes approximately 8 hours to make start to finish using some sourdough instead of yeast. here is a list of some of the ingredients..wholemeal flour, barley and rye, honey, mustard seeds, linseeds, sesame, sunflower seeds and oats, cracked malted wheat, millet and several other natural ingredients. The technique for production is the same as for the Borodinsky bread, the dough is mixed and turned three times before final mould and proof..


This bread is of German origin and inspired by the hairy bikers. The dough is made and fermented for 24 hours in a sealed container in the fridge. So folks you could try this yourself at home. To make the shape tip the dough onto a floured surface cut into strips and twist. Thats all you need to know except to bake at 200 C   for 45 minutes.




A fellow asked us to make a loaf of bread for him that he once had in the mountainous region of Norway. He described it and we set about the task and came up with our version. That was 4 years ago and we have made it ever since. Its Lovely. It's not just lovely its completely astounding. The man disapeared just like nanny McPhee but the bread keeps on selling so try some...we use 5 types of flour and 7 seeds, oats etc etc  ... the ingredients of our bread is a secret only known by Paul and Mark.. No picture here . if you want one come and buy one. The Chap Martin who plays the trombone will tell you if you aks him .. 

Pain de Campagne

This is our version of bread of the country. Already a winner with our customers. Made with french white and rye flour from the champagne region. We use very little yeast so that we have a slow rising dough which develops the crust. 


Corn bread is made from milled corn and white wheat flour with sunflower seeds and whole corn kernels. It is growing in popularity steadily and is a refreshing change. Lovely toasted. Young people and children really love our corn bread.



If you like your bread with some real bite and healthy too then look no further than our multiseed bread. Real brown bread with bucket loads of seeds and oats to kickstart your day. Very good for you and a low glycaemic index too.


The flour is grown and milled in Germany by Ireks but the bread is baked on your doorstep. It is not the easiest dough to work with as it is very sticky thats why it favours hand moulding which is how we work every night. Spelt flour is the original form of wheat and good for people with wheat intolerance.


Bayerische Donker Bread is made with black rye flour and wholemeal flour expertly mixed with lupin seeds, malt, grains and oats. We enhance ours with a generous coating of poppy,sesame, sunflower and oats then we highly bake the bread taking care to raise the core temperature to our specific needs.


this is a twist on some of the other breads that we make. Black Rye flour and spelt flour with pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds . A right good ferment and coated with organic Rye flakes . We have to bake this bread at a lower temperature to achieve the core temperature of 94 .


A few years ago, one of our customers , Henry who was from Estonia told us a story about how his mum used to make their bread in the winter when it was really cold with snow . They would make their dough and wrap it up and leave it over night in a cardboard box and then bake it the next day. It is made with 90 % Rye , loads of love and magic hands.

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Gary Chilvers | Reply 31.07.2015 10.35

what is the salt content of your Norwegian and cardboard box bread please.

paul 02.08.2015 22.58

hi Gary our salt content is 200.g in 16kg flour bearing in mind that the finished weight of the dough also contains water which is 33% of the flour weight

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Do you make gluten free hot dog rolls?
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Fantastic bread. Could the sliced bread, being put in non recyclable plastic bags, be changed to paper bags with a cellophane front? Save the planet!

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