This is a German style bread and inspired by the hairy bikers. The dough is fermented for 14 hours


This is a german bread and it will always be a german bread but we do our best to make a decent schwarzbrot loaf . we had to contact a german bakery who kindly gave us their recipe and method and thats how we make it . Cant tell you the ingredients but will tell you that its pure and healthy and extremely tasty and it takes a long time to make it ..

Pumpkin bread

This bread is made with the whole of the pumpkin and milled just like flour. we make it occasionally and is a delight to make and we always have good feedback comment. If you see it on our shelf buy some, it's loaded with pumpkin seeds and sesame and oats. It takes time to make a decent loaf and we give plenty.


We are trying out a new recipe idea for a loaf of bread which is inspired by a walk in the countryside. Imagine being out walking and trying to collect as many different types of natural foods and ingredients that you may come across on your walk. Here are a few to start with.  Wheat, Oats, Barley, Rye, Honey, Sunflower seeds, Apples, Hazelnuts, . Now make a loaf of bread in the  same way that tradition has handed down and you have a truly fabulous bread. If you do happen to buy a loaf we would be glad of any feedback.





Borodinsky rye bread is made with black rye flour and coriander seeds, malt, mollasses and dates. We use the acid dough technique which involves adding some previously fermented (old) dough to the mix. It can take up to 12 hours to prove but oh what a result.. 


Going back about 5 years ago it was very difficult to sell just 3 loaves of rye bread because there was a lack of information available about the benefits of rye versus wheat. Now we are selling about 300 loaves of bread a week with rye flour as the main ingredient. There is still not a lot of awareness about rye in the media. Its a shame, really health and tasty. We will soldier on. Come and buy some taste bud testing bread. The authentic way to eat Rye is with butter and salt but it makes an amazing bacon sandwich too.


Admission time here .This bread was inspired by Paul Hollywood when he made Rye and ale Bread. Just thought we could go one better so along came Pumpkin seeds Black rye, light rye, rye flakes and some homemade stout. No yeast just some sourdough and plenty of time, steam baked, the result was amazing.


We dont make this bread very often but when we do it is a real eye turner because of the vivid red colour. There is beetroot powder, real chopped beetroot and jumbo cranberries in the mix. Long fermentation, makes a lovely bread, good with some mature cheddar..


Here is a bread that we make now and then when we have all the ingredients together. We actually came up with this recipe after a trip to Norfolk and named it corncrake bread after the famous bird. This bread contains wholemeal corn Rye wheat Rye flakes wheatgerm wheat flakes malt pumpkin seeds sesame seeds oats and some other stuff . Our friend Gareth from the spice of life shop said that it's just amazing. 


This bread was once requested by a customer who came from this region in Italy. We have only made this bread about a dozen times but now it is probably the best we have done. Made with loads of olive oil and maize . A long fermentation with minimal yeast. It has a lovely soft texture and delicate flavour.

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Do you make gluten free hot dog rolls?
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Fantastic bread. Could the sliced bread, being put in non recyclable plastic bags, be changed to paper bags with a cellophane front? Save the planet!

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I went this week...and your closed for renovations oh golly. New owners whoah I believe your open next week.
I have no idea when you re-open. Looking forward

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