you need a big bowl to put all the stuff in.

6 oz grated carrots....1 lb of brown sr flour.... 5oz brown sugar and 4oz white sugar....cinnamon and vanilla.... 3 eggs... mix all these together with a wooden spoon 

melt 8 oz of butter but dont get it too hot or it will cook the eggs when you add it to the bowl.. mix well and place in your baking tray... cook until set about 190   25 mins or so

happy carrot cake ... optional you can put cream cheese frosting on top



best ever mince pie pastry

This year the mince pie pastry has been tweaked slightly but still has the same amazing taste, try it out and let us know what you think, 

1lb of plain flour    10oz of butter   6oz of caster sugar  1 egg

mix the dry ingredients to a crumble then add the egg and perhaps some vanilla escence. now mix to a dough.. 




400gm s/r flour...... 100gm sugar......100gm butter.....2 eggs..... 50gm milk   100gm raisins.....juice and grated rind of 1 lemon..... mix all the dry ingredients... then add the eggs... then add the milk and lemon juice ..  use your hand like a grabber machine to deposit the dough pieces, dust with sugar and bake on a lowish oven 175



1lb strong flour  2oz caster sugar  2oz real butter  1/2 pint whole milk  1oz baking powder   pinch salt  californian raisins....place all the dry ingredients in a bowl and give it a quick stir. throw the milk in and bring to a dough.. the secret to making a good scone is to make the dough exactly like a bread dough. rest for ten mins roll out and use a cutter. place on a tray and egg wash the scones. At this stage we rest our scones for an hour. cook for 25 mins at 180. 




Flapjacks are easy to make.. you only need three ingredients to make your basic flapjack.

Oats butter and caster sugar. use the ratio 3:2:1  dont use jumbo oats as the jack will fall apart.  Put the oats and sugar in a bowl and stir ( you can add things like cherries or nuts or choc chips or fruit at this stage. We add twix or yorkie)   melt the butter and mix all together and spread on a baking tray. then bake. Enjoy your flapjack.  

croissant idea

Take a really lovely croissant . slice it sideways  put some lettuce in and then fill with some cooked bacon, tomato and an ommelette made with one egg and grated cheese. Go to heaven while eating it and then go do some hoovering.


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WELL DONE.Amazing Vegan food.Ican't wait to get to your shop & hopeyou will book a stall withmy fab team. You will sell out I am sure. Amazing

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whoah yesterday I got a 'homemade cheese and salsa Vegan wrap. It tasted like the best party of food...a delicious rainbow of food, I am REPLETE. thank you

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your fudge brownie's are consistently gorgeous, thankyou

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