these battenburgs are hand made from start to finish.. they may vary in size because they are not cut by machines  absolutely delicious though.. Paul and Leona made these 

Easter Cakes

Easter cakes are actually biscuits and to give a brief history: on Easter morning the children of families were sent to get the hot cross buns and other goods from the baker in the village and the baker always gave the kids a biscuit as a reward. The children were made to feel really special as they had their own little special cake for easter. this was long before easter eggs were invented. hey say hello to Jason one of our favourite customers. by the way ... the old fashioned cakes are always the best



Handmade chocolate logs made with real Belgian chocolate and homeade Swiss roll which is the same recipe we have had for many years

Cranberry mince pies

We have been making these for years now and they are extremely popular and very nice. We use our special pastry recipe and mincemeat recipe . If you haven't tried these then it's about time. Fresh cranberries real pecans and oranges from the fruit bowl next door.


You can make this swiss roll for your chocolate log if you dont want to buy one of ours.

you need 4 eggs 4 oz caster sugar 4 oz flour    beat the eggs and sugar until its frothing and gone a creamy yellow colour then add the flour and fold in .. pour the froth onto a greased pan but it might be better to use silicone paper bake at 220 for 7 mins and roll while still hot..thats it go decorate when cool. 


This is our interpretation of the danish pastry. No matter how hard we try we will never match the real Danish pastry made in Denmark. Danish pastries are made the same way as puff pastry only using a fermented  enrichened dough. When they are baked they are glazed with apricot , thats what gives them their shine. Perfect with a cup of earl grey.


A few years back we won an unnofficial 2nd place for the best custard slice in Wales. So since then we try to keep our custard slice exactly the same every day by making the pastry crisp and the custard easy to handle and the icing just as lovely. 


Once an old feller came to buy lots of carrot cakes for his shop around the corner from us. He said he wanted them to look rustic and earthy. We puzzled our brains out and came up with the existing recipe which hasn't changed. We feel that the result is commendable. Leanne used to be the carrot cake girl. 


Rocky road is a melting pot of dark, light and milk chocolates from the belgian chocolate maker belcolade. We add maltesers, ginger biscuits, twix pieces, marshmallows, dried fruit and sometimes cherries. Mix them all together and place in a tray to set and then put white chocolate on top with icing sugar. 


Deep dark succulent fudge cake with hidden treasures of caramel and belgian chocolate chunks. Always a favourite cake at anytime of day. You have to know your limits though because one of these could power a cycle courier for a whole day. 


The first Chelsea buns we made looked a bit like the pictures you can find on the net. Since then we have made some improvements. We always make a good chelsea as its the first thing anyone asks for in the morning. You can toast your bun the next day too if you forget about it. The Chelsea bun was first made at the bun house in Chelsea in the 1800's a bit like the Victoria bun being made in Victoria.


We make lots of different flapjacks but they are all made with the same base mixture and we just add different ingredients to create something extra special for our customers. The illustration shows the endurance flapjack which was created for our cycle friends who ride sportives. But you dont have to ride  a bike to eat a flapjack.


We have always made our own swiss roll for our christmas chocolate logs and we always have nice comments from our lovely customers. Swiss roll is easy to make, you only need three ingredients for a perfect finish. Flour, Eggs and Sugar. So that sounds rather healthy doesn't it?


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