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We dont take orders from the internet and we dont take orders from facebook and we dont take orders from the phone and we dont take orders from any other media . We have a shop and you are welcome to come along and buy from us any day. We love our customers and we love to work hard to make good things for you all. Come and have a chat. Buy some nice stuff. If you really want to get in touch send an email .   
telephone number 02920 228649 
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Latest comments

14.07 | 10:09

Do you make gluten free hot dog rolls?
Many thanks

31.01 | 13:27

Fantastic bread. Could the sliced bread, being put in non recyclable plastic bags, be changed to paper bags with a cellophane front? Save the planet!

05.01 | 17:37

I went this week...and your closed for renovations oh golly. New owners whoah I believe your open next week.
I have no idea when you re-open. Looking forward

31.12 | 12:04

I read your blog really its informative and unique blog which provide awesome information.