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We dont take orders from the internet and we dont take orders from facebook and we dont take orders from the phone and we dont take orders from any other media . We have a shop and you are welcome to come along and buy from us any day. We love our customers and we love to work hard to make good things for you all. Come and have a chat. Buy some nice stuff. If you really want to get in touch send an email .   
telephone number 02920 228649 
or text Paul 07975560085.. 


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Latest comments

30.09 | 09:40

WELL DONE.Amazing Vegan food.Ican't wait to get to your shop & hopeyou will book a stall withmy fab team. You will sell out I am sure. Amazing

01.09 | 11:38

whoah yesterday I got a 'homemade cheese and salsa Vegan wrap. It tasted like the best party of food...a delicious rainbow of food, I am REPLETE. thank you

22.07 | 19:59

your fudge brownie's are consistently gorgeous, thankyou

22.07 | 19:55

whoah its been splendid eats of vegan fayre this week. I've tried to make vegan pastry ONCE. Your pastry is light tasty and most yum. I shall return