Just lately there has been a lot of hoo har about sugar being present in bread, as much as three spoonfuls in one slice. It has been in the press and also on the telly. We have been asked a lot of questions by customers because of this and we would like to put minds to rest here. Our bread is made from FLOUR WATER SALT YEAST and lots of time and hard work.

If the articles in the media are read properly you will find that the allegations are pointed at mass produced bread. Without being too informative these types of bread have added sugar to give the yeast, food to work harder but too much is normally residual in the finished product, this is called high demand and turnover. We dont do that. Our breads are fermented over a longer period and only use the carbohydrate which is present in flour. If the dough is fermented for longer then a lot of the carbohydrate(sugars) are eaten by the yeast. That leaves less in the finished product. If you go to france all their bread is made in this way.

Lots of our breads contain seeds and grains too which can give a slow release of energy into the bloodstream over a longer period. Bread is a good source of fibre and vitamins too which every body needs regularly.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating carbohydrates. Everyone needs them the same as everyone needs proteins and fats. Moderation is the key. Here is a suggestion which has been proven to be really helpful for poeple who like to regulate their weight versus calorie intake. Eat your carbs in the morning and your proteins in the afternoon.

Thanks for reading ..hope this is helpful

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14.07 | 10:09

Do you make gluten free hot dog rolls?
Many thanks

31.01 | 13:27

Fantastic bread. Could the sliced bread, being put in non recyclable plastic bags, be changed to paper bags with a cellophane front? Save the planet!

05.01 | 17:37

I went this week...and your closed for renovations oh golly. New owners whoah I believe your open next week.
I have no idea when you re-open. Looking forward

31.12 | 12:04

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